You took what made me whole- And left me with only pieces


Fairy Echoes

With the press of her fairy thumbs I can be uplifted from my depths Eternity has seemed to have trickled passed Your dainty silhouette has long dissolved Heavy, you haunt on mind and heart Until emotions compress, causing my lips to trace your name Only to have my voice evaporate into the wind Desperately, hopelessly… Continue reading Fairy Echoes

Regaining my Confidence to do my Art

When I was younger I always loved to doodle in my notebook in elementary. I enjoyed it, despite that I would get me scolded ever so often when I wasn't paying attention. And when I was in High school, I doodled more vigorously. My doodles weren't anything to show off, but I grew fairly good at drawing certain… Continue reading Regaining my Confidence to do my Art

Girl in the sea

Photo credit: Mae Chevrette via Visualhunt / CC BYSo this week I continued with practicing my watercolor skills. It's like they say practice makes perfect. Haha, I'm far from perfect but practicing will get me closer. Eventually, in the meantime, this is what my skills can put out as of now. Photo via VisualhuntYet with… Continue reading Girl in the sea