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Failing but ALIVE!

OMG, so I'm alive, Yes I've been M.I.A. But not by choice or laziness. To make it a quick update post lets get a run down list of why I've been M.I.A. I started to work for my elections office... Continue Reading →

Regaining my Confidence to do my Art

When I was younger I always loved to doodle in my notebook in elementary. I enjoyed it, despite that I would get me scolded ever so often when I wasn't paying attention. And when I was in High school, I doodled more vigorously.... Continue Reading →

Well Its been a while since my last post. I had hit a lazy rut and I wasn't really feeling too well. Nothing bad just got slammed with some school assignments that left me drained by the time I got... Continue Reading →

Photo Challenge: Quest

Humanity in Display

Generous Here in the states, we are at a time where people's fears and bias is being pushed into the limelight, by someone I believe who is using this to gain in their own self-interest and encouraging and saying it... Continue Reading →

Unexpected Color Surprise

I have a large collection of art supplies, that I've been collecting throughout my time back home. Almost each single piece of my art supply collection have been purchased with the use of Hobby Lobby and Michael's Coupons. They have... Continue Reading →

So it has been four months since I stopped running for personal issues. I have missed it so much. But since its been so long the little stamina I had has disappeared.  Seeing my data from my runs were pretty... Continue Reading →

In college when I found out I was going to take part in an alternative spring break, because of a program I was in, I asked for a camera for Christmas from my family. I wanted something to document my... Continue Reading →

A Fat Kids Impossibilities Broken

I was never a physically active person before.In middle school when everyone was starting to take part in sports, I was too self-conscious to join or attempt in anything physically demanding. I was an overweight kid and after being teased... Continue Reading →

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