For the past few months I have really been playing with my watercolor set. I say playing becuase the times I do get to use them is only for a hour or two at most, before I have something else to attend to.

Regardless if its for a hour or 30 min, I really have come to enjoy my water color set. I only wish I had more time to dedicate to learning the small ins and outs of this  medium.

Its so relaxing and thearputic, something that I’ve come to learn I very much need to keep myself from being to overstressed.

Regardless I always try to squeeze in a small painting session when I can. sometimes it may just be a couple of swatches to test color combinations and at others I feel dedicated to paint a idea. Though it may not always come out the way I want succesfully, the process is what matters most.

In this instance I remember just wanting to use lines and colors to try and get the idea of a whale on paper. I hope others can see what I was going for, some people who’d seen it didn’t see it right away. but what you all think? Not the best whale you’ll ever see, but I’m sure proud of it when I think I only had a few min to myself.

What do you all do to stay stress free?




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