For the past few months I have really been playing with my watercolor set. I say playing becuase the times I do get to use them is only for a hour or two at most, before I have something else to attend to. Regardless if its for a hour or 30 min, I really have… Continue reading Watercolor


Girl in the sea

Photo credit: Mae Chevrette via Visualhunt / CC BYSo this week I continued with practicing my watercolor skills. It's like they say practice makes perfect. Haha, I'm far from perfect but practicing will get me closer. Eventually, in the meantime, this is what my skills can put out as of now. Photo via VisualhuntYet with… Continue reading Girl in the sea

Galaxy Fox

Well Its been a while since my last post. I had hit a lazy rut and I wasn't really feeling too well. Nothing bad just got slammed with some school assignments that left me drained by the time I got home and left my creatively depleted. Yet I've trudged through it and let myself dabble… Continue reading Galaxy Fox