Girl in the sea

Photo credit: Mae Chevrette via Visualhunt / CC BYSo this week I continued with practicing my watercolor skills. It's like they say practice makes perfect. Haha, I'm far from perfect but practicing will get me closer. Eventually, in the meantime, this is what my skills can put out as of now. Photo via VisualhuntYet with… Continue reading Girl in the sea


Unfinished: Attempts at Color Theory

via Daily Prompt: Unfinished I decided to use this in prompt to show off my attempts to work with color pencils. Recently I've decided to try my hand at the new Adult coloring books that seem to have exploded in popularity. Photo credit: Robson# via Visual Hunt / CC BYI thought it would be… Continue reading Unfinished: Attempts at Color Theory

Unexpected Color Surprise

I have a large collection of art supplies, that I've been collecting throughout my time back home. Almost each single piece of my art supply collection have been purchased with the use of Hobby Lobby and Michael's Coupons. They have become my wallets best friend and has made me very content as I've added piece… Continue reading Unexpected Color Surprise