The Ficitve Artist

The Aritst "created by imagination", by The Artistic Nobody


Music Reflections

Music Reflection – Leon Bridges

spotify:artist:3qnGvpP8Yth1AqSBMqON5x I love to listen to music as I read. Granted I don't actaully listen to it intnetly, rather then have it as background noise. But everyonce in a while, a artist will tear me from the world I'm in... Continue Reading →

Music Reflections – Aurora

spotify:album:7ElzXR2E3kekE4wX1zDZq2 Currently I've been busy with getting my life back on track. Which much of that recently has included a lot of reading and hitting my studies very hard. So┬áits not till after 11 when my assignments have been turned... Continue Reading →

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