Yesterday was a emtional ride for me in the early morning and just concern all day. As I woke went out to my car to drop my grandmother to her weekly visit at her sisters home, I was scared by something black crawling out of the bottom of the car. It took me a few… Continue reading How?


1/5 ratio

Ive been noticing a trend, a very obvious one. Since Ive gotten bitten by the education bug ive noticed a huge lack in male presences in my classes. Even now in a subsitute certification class. There is 20 of us in total and only 4 men. Which is probably the highest male percentage ove been… Continue reading 1/5 ratio

Daily Post – Craving

My response to the Daily Prompt:Craving I've been craving a artistic outlet. I was never a artistic individual in my  pre- teen years, but developed them in my late teens and it really exploded in my current early 20's I always had a really creative imagination so I would spend a lot of time day… Continue reading Daily Post – Craving

Sorry I’m Not

I remember a time I was approached by a classmate, she wasn't someone I had ever talked to in class. Actually I didn't really talk at all in my classes, not saying I didn't, I just didn't really socialize with my class mates that I had in my classes. Well any who, this girl I've never talked… Continue reading Sorry I’m Not