Galaxy Fox

Well Its been a while since my last post. I had hit a lazy rut and I wasn't really feeling too well. Nothing bad just got slammed with some school assignments that left me drained by the time I got home and left my creatively depleted. Yet I've trudged through it and let myself dabble… Continue reading Galaxy Fox


Poem: A smile, no goodbye

Facade via Daily Prompt: Facade Morning chills and sleepy drives greetings and part bills, laughs all daily refreshed revives Glances at the clock, tick tock I disappear to avoid its inevitable small talk My thoughts, memory  amount s i l e n c e Till her  laughter is heard about, Emerging from hiding, laughs and… Continue reading Poem: A smile, no goodbye

Unfinished: Attempts at Color Theory

via Daily Prompt: Unfinished I decided to use this in prompt to show off my attempts to work with color pencils. Recently I've decided to try my hand at the new Adult coloring books that seem to have exploded in popularity. Photo credit: Robson# via Visual Hunt / CC BYI thought it would be… Continue reading Unfinished: Attempts at Color Theory

Twinkles of tears in the I.C.U. and Blogging affects

via Daily Prompt: Twinkle Life really has a way of throwing you a curveball at times. It was the start of my second week in school, and it was labor day. Most of my relatives were out on vacation enjoying the 3 day weekend and I went out to get a coffee at a local… Continue reading Twinkles of tears in the I.C.U. and Blogging affects

Daily Prompt: Shiver

Photo via Visual huntvia Daily Prompt: Shiver I'm shivering today. Not because of the weather outside┬ásince for the last month the weather has been in the upper 90's with a heat index of a average 105. No I found myself shivering in class. Something that I haven't been able to say for over a year.… Continue reading Daily Prompt: Shiver

Why the Ficitive Artist exist.

I've recently joined into one of the Bloging U classes. Its my hope that by doing so Ill be a more improved blogger by the end of it all. So with nothing to lose and everything g to gain I start my first assignment. I am the Artistic Nobody. A pen name I prefer to… Continue reading Why the Ficitive Artist exist.