Girl in the sea

Photo credit: Mae Chevrette via Visualhunt / CC BY

So this week I continued with practicing my watercolor skills. It’s like they say practice makes perfect.

Haha, I’m far from perfect but practicing will get me closer. Eventually, in the meantime, this is what my skills can put out as of now.

Photo via Visualhunt

Yet with every new project, I’m learning something. With the last watercolor project, I learned that To little water made the paints to opaque. Which seemed to work out with the whole galaxy theme, but In this one, I was trying to go for a more transparent look. I seem to have used not enough water on the page.

I’m afraid of warping the paper very badly if I use a wet on wet technique, so I tried not to wet the page too much. Yet halfway I started to realize that I was still doing my project to dry.  So the paints were still coming out too opaque in my opinion. Yet when the paper finally dried it remained pretty flat, So in my next project I’ll be less afraid of using to much water. Which hopefully doesn’t steer me too far in the opposite direction. But I guess I’ll just have to experiment and see.



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