Poem: A smile, no goodbye


via Daily Prompt: Facade

Morning chills and sleepy drives

greetings and part bills, laughs all daily refreshed revives

Glances at the clock,

tick tock

I disappear to avoid its inevitable small talk

My thoughts, memory  amount








Till her  laughter is heard about,

Emerging from hiding, laughs and smiles  cease

Eyes meet and she returns to her paper sheets

Just smile and walk by

We could never have a true goodbye

So this is the first time I decided to try and explain what I wrote this poem for. I took
Inspiration from another blog that I saw that does so. 
Well I used to work with a ex that I would see multiple times a day, for extended amounts of time
It had ended abruptly which would have been ok, if it wasn't for the fact that 
we seemed to pretend the other existed, I was always torn inside but yet being at work
I could not puruse or dwell on personal matters, yet I was always trying to avoid  it internally.
Photo credit: James Cridland via Visualhunt.com / CC BY




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