Book Review : Gameboard of The Gods

Gameboard of the Gods (Age of X, #1)Gameboard of the Gods by Richelle Mead

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I had never read a book by Richelle Mead before this. In fact, I had always wanted to avoid reading her books since an ex-girlfriend of mine was obsessed with the Vampire Academy books. I always had a negative outlook on a young adult fiction that my ex-girlfriend would read. Yet as I began reading I couldn’t shake off the feeling that the name of the author had rung a bell with me. I took a quick search and well I had to go and eat my own words.

Since I’ve never read any of Mead’s books, I feel like I don’t hold any expectations when I review the book and feel Like I can’t be biased based on any of her previous writings.

I like to say that in general I really enjoyed the book. Though as much as I enjoyed it I did hold some gripes that irked me throughout the time I was reading.

But before I can get to my gripes, I’d like to point out the things that I enjoyed from Gameboard Of the Gods

I enjoyed the concept of the world that was built in the book. The idea of a futuristic society that’s veered away from religions in an attempt to create less conflict among different ideologies, really spiked my interest. It was a very interesting idea since it seems to cause a sort of “what if” comparison to our current society if it was void of religion and with that religious extremest.

Not only is the idea of this sort of society interesting, but the fact that godly entities are very much involved in the story is really intriguing. It made me scan my own knowledge of different gods to try and see if I could predict the direction of the story. I didn’t figure much out, but I realized at the end that my knowledge was limited to Greek mythology while the book covers a wider range of mythologies.

Both main Characters were enjoyable and were very strong on their own. Justin and Mae had personalities that were very stern and neither one of them was the kind to back down which led to many troubles between them in a romantic sense and as well as when working together on their assignment. Justin and Mae both had their weakness in certain areas that each of them both made up for the other one. Such as how Mae’s physical abilities helped keep them both out of any trouble that Justin could get himself into. As well as Justin’s silver tongue could find its way to avoid some, not all confrontations.

As much as I liked the book, I did have some quirks that kept me a little peeved.

I felt lost at the beginning of the book, yet felt it continued for much more than needed. I understand when as a reader I’m thrown into a new world and have to continue the book to discover what is going on. I just felt at times that some information could have been shared sooner rather than later.

But despite feeling that information was being withheld for longer than it should have, I very much enjoyed the book. I do plan to continue the series since this first one did resolve the main issue that arose, but gave itself some material to continue into another book. It was a sort of, catching the smaller fish, but the story provided itself with a much bigger fish that was lurking in the background that could be predicted if you payed attention to some of the cue’s through out the book.

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