Photo Challenge: Quest

via Photo Challenge: Quest

My family hadn’t had a long vacation in years. As my brother and I got older our summer vacations slowly devolved from long road trips to slowly becoming into weekends trips to one of the larger cities. It wasn’t till one of our uncles visited us from Hawaii that he encouraged us to visit him and he’d hold us up for the duration of the stay.

It was thanks to him, and my family saving and budgeting for a full year that we were able to make it out there. Hawaii was always one of those places that I didn’t think I’d ever go and see. So when we flew over and landed we all still had a surreal feeling.

We spent almost an entire month on the island of Maui, and it was amazing. But what was best about the entire trip, was the fact that we spent the entire trip as a family. It was a lot of trails, a lot of waterfalls, a lot of family time. That by the end of the trip, I could feel we came out with more of a closer bond, and the sights seemed to just be the added bonus.



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