Unexpected Color Surprise

I have a large collection of art supplies, that I’ve been collecting throughout my time back home. Almost each single piece of my art supply collection have been purchased with the use of Hobby Lobby and Michael’s Coupons. They have become my wallets best friend and has made me very content as I’ve added piece by piece.

I’ve always been a very picky consumer, so I’ve always done my research before I buy anything. My most expensive purchases were my paints that after every 40% or 50% coupon I would end up spending between 12-15 U.S. dollars. It was  a splurge that I would try to do at least once a month to grow my supplies.

But because I’ve left my last job, I’ve had to be extreme budget, so my visits to the art supply store have been placed on hold. But this past week while I was out doing errands, my mother asked me to take a quick look at Michels to buy her some silk thread for a craft she was doing. I couldn’t help but just take a stroll in the art supplies aisle. I was excited to see that my store started to carry Faber-Castell polychromo color pencils. The same kind that I had heard and read so much about. So when I got home I told my mother how I was surprised that our store finally carried them, not that the price changed much, it was still 65.99 U.S. dollars for a set of 24 colors. But I was happy at the idea that now all I had to do was save some money and keep an eye out for any coupons or sales I could take advantage of.

I didn’t have to wait long at all, that same night my mother went out and surprised me with the largest set they had, the 24 set. She recalled how much I had admired the thought of one day owning a small set, that she took it upon herself to surprise me with them.

This past week I’ve been falling in love with these color pencils and surprised at how different they really are compared to my previous set. Since I’ve had these I’ve been practicing my understanding of color  with a set of adult coloring books I’ve had in my room, and I am loving every second of it. I hope to post a photo of it soon in a new post later.

Have you ever had a surprise gift that you just adored? what was it? Please share I’d love to know


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