Humanity in Display


Here in the states, we are at a time where people’s fears and bias is being pushed into the limelight, by someone I believe who is using this to gain in their own self-interest and encouraging and saying it is okay to do so.

At a time where people are dying and suffering a lot of those in power and older adults are looking at the inconveniences that they will face or assume that they will face by accepting refugees.

People are seeing them as a threat out of the actions of an extreme minority, yet think this is reason enough to shut our doors. Yet it seems like we are forgetting one of the most basic instincts, or at least something that I was always raised on. When you see someone in trouble, someone who’s suffering, you help them. If you can save a life, isn’t it worth the “inconvenience”

It’s emotionally stirring when a child can display such humility that seems to be lacking in many people. I know not everyone will agree with me, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but how would you explain to a child that we can’t accept women in children.


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