Twinkles of tears in the I.C.U. and Blogging affects

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Life really has a way of throwing you a curveball at times. It was the start of my second week in school, and it was labor day. Most of my relatives were out on vacation enjoying the 3 day weekend and I went out to get a coffee at a local coffee shop to relax and work on a few blog post drafts.

It was to be a regular day like any other when I got an urgent phone call from my grandmother, that my “aunt” (her younger sister, but from a young age I always called her aunt) was feeling sick and wanted for someone to go to her place to help her. My gut instinct was to drive from the coffee shop straight to her house, but I thought I may be overreacting, since if there was something wrong my aunts’ sister and son  would be there. For all, I knew it just may be a bad cold or stomach bug. But when I finally arrived with my grandmother we saw an ambulance outside her house and shortly after they took her to the hospital. I took her son with me back to my families home to wait while the older adults went to the hospital.

It turns out my “aunt” had a massive heart attack and would be needing open heart surgery, and that things were looking very grim. Becuase on top of that, they found a mass in her X-rays that the doctor thought could be cancer as well. Something my family is very familiar with.

It’s the first time in  a long while where our family has had an emergency like this, the previous was when we found out my grandmother had breast cancer, which she’s been free of for the last 8 years. But this has struck my family much harder with the unexpectedness.  There really wasn’t a dry eye in the past few days.

It has given our family the insight of how fragile our daily lives are and how in just an instant it could change. For now, my aunt is in the I.C.U. unconscious, and waiting for her condition to improve to start surgery. As we wait all we can do is pray and hope that she’s not taken away not just from us, but from her only son. Since they are all that each other have and after she’s worked so hard as a single mother.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to post again since my blog really seems trivial when I faced with this crisis. Yet at a time like this, I’m finding some sense of comfort in drafting this post out, while I sit in the waiting room of the hospitals I.C.U. floor. I took to blogging because I saw it as a way to cope and journalize my life and hobbies. Yet right now I felt guilt as I saw my aunt in the hospital bed fighting. I still know life has to move on, but I feel guilty that one of my priorities before was thinking of blog posts. It’s very confusing.

So I post today with the actual intention to see what others out here in the blogging community have to say. Or ask about times where personal tragedies have affected their outlooks on things such as their hobbies and passions. Did it affect their blogging if they are a more experienced and consistent blogger? I’m still a beginning blogger, but I would like to start a conversation about it. Do you let personal life affect your blogging? Or do you keep it separate?

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