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via Daily Prompt: Shiver

I’m shivering today.

Not because of the weather outside since for the last month the weather has been in the upper 90’s with a heat index of a average 105.

No I found myself shivering in class. Something that I haven’t been able to say for over a year.

My life has changed so much in the matter of a month since I’ve taken it upon myself to make a change.

To just highlight some of the major events in the recent week,

  • I’ve re-enrolled into classes in my community college to just get my feet re-wet into school
  • Quit my job to concentrate on going to school full time
  • Became a substitute to  pursue my goal to become a teacher by gaining experience through my local school districts.

I took these actions and decisions with full knowledge of all the challenges that are to come. However I’m fortunate to have the support of my family. Yet it still doesn’t take away from the fear of uncertainty of the future.

So I shivered, but maybe it has less to do with the class. It could be my insecurities hitting me with the possibility of maybe failing what feels like my last attempt to accomplish my goals for a better life., or the  fact that I’m also excited to start so many new things I’ve previously been held back in by my dead end job.

..or maybe i’m just cold.