Why the Ficitive Artist exist.


I’ve recently joined into one of the Bloging U classes. Its my hope that by doing so Ill be a more improved blogger by the end of it all. So with nothing to lose and everything g to gain I start my first assignment.

I am the Artistic Nobody. A pen name I prefer to go by. I thought up the name after some rough times, but came to love it after some time and found a new meaning to it. It was during a time when I had a really negative outlook in myself, I had just left college in failure, and with it went my dreams to continue my bachlors in arts. I felt like a “ARTISITC NOBODY”

Pretty bleak I know, but theres a twist. It was after this time, I met someone important, that changed my outlook on my whole situation. I  wont pester with details but, in short I am a nobody within the masses of people out there, but we all have something that distinguish us apart. In my case I am a artistic nobody, but only to those who I havent interacted with yet. Untill I do I’ll stay a nobody, a stranger in the masses.

This is where my blogging comes into play. After having downs that are mentioned in my about page, I turned to blogging as a outlet. And with just this month its been very liberating. I continue to blog becuase I want to seek a way to express myself that I cant easily do at the moment, and in hopes of interacting with others in the blogging community. I named my blog the Fictive Artist, becuase of those who have doubted my dreams and goals. I still dream of following in my love of the arts, but I don’t voice it out anymore since I’ve been told to growout of it and its just a fantasy in my imagination. Maybe, but its mine and I’ll continue to imagine and dream. Im not looking for fame, I just want to do what makes me happy. So thats why the Fictive Artist is here



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