So I’ll be the first one to say that I am not a talented artist. My skills with painting and sketching  are just passable in my opinions as doodles.

However my main focus was always on photography, but more of that at a later time.

As for my skills with making art by hand, I’m rather lacking compared to those I love to follow. But that doesnt mean I avoid it, rather I embrace it and see it as a opportunity to learn. 

As one of my professors told me, and told us all many times in class. We will each have our uniqe way of drawing, painting, expressing ourselves. So we shouldnt get held up by thoughts of not being able to emulate someone, rather just focus on what will be our own style and embrace it.

So enough of that. I’d like to start of by shareing a doodle I made for a friend a month or two ago. For a while now I’ve been in love with watercolors. So while doodling and experimenting, I found a set that I liked and decided to place a peace sign, something my friend just loves. In the end she loved it and made it her screen saver. Which I’ll admit made me very flattered.