Yesterday was a emtional ride for me in the early morning and just concern all day. As I woke went out to my car to drop my grandmother to her weekly visit at her sisters home, I was scared by something black crawling out of the bottom of the car. It took me a few groggy seconds to realize it was a small pup. My mind went from one moment of panic, to fawning over it and then to even more surprise when, I realized it wasnt alone. There were three little pups under my car. 

They didnt run, but nervously edged closer to me with curiosity.

My heart immediately sank. Someone had abandond them. Now you may ask how I know, but its a far to often occurrence on my street. My family happens to live outside the city limits on a street that has only 5 houses and a few fields surronding them. Its alot of property in comparison to housholds in the city and areas around it.

Becuase of this alot of my old friends would usually classify my family as “rich” and the area as a wealthy neighborhood. Becuase of this misconception it seems people abandon pets thinking they’ll be taken in or just abandon them without a thought. 

Living in a rural area its easy to identify a actual stray and someones old pet. I’ve come across alot of dogs and cats that will come when you call to them. Something a born stray tend not to do since they’ve learned that people can be dangerous. Something a houshold pet doesnt understand, so when called and hungry they tend to follow the first person that gives them attention.

My heart just broke when I saw these three little pups. They must have been dropped of at night and went to the closest house.

My familys is on hard financial times, otherwise I would take them in. So I knew I couldnt let them stay. All I could do was bring them some water and make sure they didnt wander close to the street. I placed a fb post and asked if anyone could or would want to take one home. Since I couldnt come to call the animal control, since thier chances would be beter out as strays, rather then risking euthanization.

My only reaction the whole day was,


How could someone just abandon three puppies? Do they not have a heart? Did they at least try to find them a home?

I wish I could understand, but right now I dont have the time, Im looking for homes for these three pups.


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