Music Reflection – Leon Bridges

I love to listen to music as I read. Granted I don’t actaully listen to it intnetly, rather then have it as background noise. But everyonce in a while, a artist will tear me from the world I’m in and just root me in thier song. 

Leon Bridges has a old  soul sound. Something thats not heard to often now adays with someone at his age. But darn, hes got that voice for soul music down. I actually thought it was a older song, and curisotity got me when I couldn’t place the artist.

I was very happily suprised that he was a new artist. And even happier that he was from the same state as me and in a region not to far. It gave me a happy thought to think that I could go to one of his performances some day.

I enjoy blogging about my musical tastes, but it can never do it justice. So I highly recomend you take a listen for yourself. Below are a few music videos of his songs,and offcoarse a spotify player on top.




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