via Daily Prompt: Stubborn

I just love todays prompt. The word stubborn is a word that I’ve known very well. I take pride in being described as a stubborn person.

Granted its not always the best adjective in all situations. I’ve had to deal with times where my stubbornness has gotten in the way in arguments and disagreements. But what I think helps is the fact that I realize and recognize that I’m a very stubborn person. So when a talks getting pretty heated I can always kind of come to terms that my stubbornness may be pushing the talk more into a conflict, so I’m able to let things go.

Being stubborn isn’t always a negative thing though. I’ve been told a lot of times that my stubborn attitude really doesn’t let drop tasks. And that’s true, I mean here I am. I’ve always attributed my never giving up attitude on my stubbornness for certain goals in life. (more on that in another post).

In brief I love being called stubborn, I view it in direct connection to my never giving up attitude. One thing that I will expand upon later is my goal to be a teacher some day. One day, maybe not tomorrow, but I’m making stubborn moves going forward. And I’m to stubborn to divert from my new path.