Daily Post – Craving

My response to the Daily Prompt:Craving

I’ve been craving a artistic outlet. I was never a artistic individual in my  pre- teen years, but developed them in my late teens and it really exploded in my current early 20’s

I always had a really creative imagination so I would spend a lot of time day dreaming and being absorbed in pages of books. I didn’t come from a very artistic family. My mother loved to read, but that’s where any source of imagination or creativity ended.

So when I came home from college one winter break and told them I had changed to a Art major, lets say they were a little skeptical of my goals.

It was till I had to come home and stop school that I stopped doing art. It was sad, I tried but with moving back home, my daily life really changed. I didn’t have the opportunity to do or spend time by myself, it really became more about the family and what I could do for them whenever I was out of work.

Its not till recently that as I lay in bed before I pass out, I glance at my paints and pencils and I recall how liberating it was to spend a few hours to myself and just dissolve into my paints and papers. My mind wanders through a forest of ideas and experiments I want to try. I’m slowly seeing a light emerging from all my current affairs that barracide my freedom. Soon, I see myself less entwined with my families care and It excites me. My craving for artistic freedom is great, but this blog has becoming my outlet.

Each post bring me some peace and stress relief, my mind, my imagination finally has a new outlet to relieve this craving to express itself. My blog is small, feeble, unorganized, but young. It will take some time to grow, but with this craving for artistic expression I’m sure it’ll grow.



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