Music Reflections – Aurora

Currently I’ve been busy with getting my life back on track. Which much of that recently has included a lot of reading and hitting my studies very hard. So its not till after 11 when my assignments have been turned in online do I get some time to breath before I fall asleep for the next day. But before I do that I’ve usually unwound with The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and his acts.

Its was thanks to one of those nights that I was able to discover a new artist that has taken my speakers by storm.

I’m a pretty emotional creature, so if something can stir something in me, I tend to become very obsessive or passionate about it. It doesn’t even have to be a good emotion, but any strong response will do. This is one of those times.

Aurora appeared on stage a little peculiar, her dancing as she performed was very irregular.  Her arms as she danced, if you can call it that, were like those of a possessed woman who was being contoreted. Her eyes were wide and staring out into, not the crowd but as if to something out far off.

All this made for a very unique performance, one that just grabbed my attention, but what really grabbed my attention was her voice, the song, the lyrics, the way it pulled at my on a emotional level. Ever since hearing her, I have not been able to stop. Her songs can be quite beautiful, but also earie as well. I took to see her music videos to see what she sounds like when she’s not performing a live show as when I saw her, and was pleasantly surprised at her studio versions and even her other live shows.

I’ve taken to seeing some of her interviews and I’ve fallen in love with her personality. Its a very honest and genuine personality, and one that reminds me of how I was before I went with all I went through. Her personality and songs have really hit a emotional cord with me, and I just wanted to share this with anyone.I haven’t been this passionate about a artist in a while, and I’ve missed it. I hope you’ll take the time to listen to her. Below I’ve left the perofmance I first saw with  few others I’ve really enjoyed. As well as a Spotify link at the top.





I added this longer live performance just cuz I really want to share.



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