Photo credit: Amarand Agasi via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-SA

So I’ll be first to admit, that I’m not a huge coffee drinker. Yet it seems like many people who don’t drink coffee *in my experience anyways * still enjoy the smell of it.

I was very much like that in the same way. I would usually always order an orange juice when I’d go out for breakfast with friends or if we were going to a coffee shop, I’d usually op for a hot chocolate. I did feel a bit childish when I ordered something other than coffee when I was amoungst a group of friends but it never bothered me.

It wasn’t till I came back home that I started to drink coffee. Not because I wanted to fit in, but more out of an attempt to keep a part of my social interactions of my past alive. Since being home I don’t really interact socially as I did before so drinking a coffee at my local book shop really helped me feel closer to some distant memories.

Though I find it ironic, I had always substituted my coffee for something sweet when out with friends, but oddly enough I’ve been finding that my coffee preferences are actually pretty dark. Black actually. I’ve been told by a lot of my co-workers that my coffee when I’d share a taste, was always so black. I admit that I don’t like to add to much sugar or cream, but enough to get  a slight color change. Something about the taste of it really is enjoyable with its strong taste.

I do owe my coffee preferences mostly because I was partially ignorant in everything coffee. I didn’t really pay attention to my family when they made their coffee or my friends. So as of now, after my second week of coming to a coffee shop to study and blog I’ve had a coffee every time. Just a small one, but I’ve made it a point to try every kind they have and experiment. Its come up with some surprisingly good ones by my dark standards. But my mind wandered. Is maybe my dark preference to coffee in some way connected with my thoughts that drinking something sweet was something kiddy? I couldn’t help but laugh, maybe my coffee is almost black because subconsciously I wanted to seem more mature? Well whatever it may be, I still prefer my coffee the way I discovered it on my own.

Photo credit: <a href=””>Amarand Agasi</a> via <a href=””>VisualHunt</a&gt; / <a href=””>CC BY-NC-SA</a>


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